Our Leaders

Pastoral Staff

Phil Beatty - Lead Pastor

I am originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ into my life at young age. As a teenager I began to wrestle with questions of identity and purpose wondering how Jesus Christ was going to impact my future. I decided to go to a Christian college and follow a path of full time service in Christian ministry. In college I met and married a strong Christian woman who has encouraged my faith in profound ways. I am constantly growing and learning through trial and error about what it means to be on this adventure. I am learning to hear God's voice more and more every day. I want to love Him more and love others better.

My call to ministry came while I was on a short-term mission experience with a Covenant youth group I was attending in high school. I was excited that I could help meet the physical and spiritual needs of others. My faith in God deepened as I experienced more of His presence. I knew I wanted to live a life that counted for eternity and responded to God's call by studying Youth Ministry at Colorado Christian University and serving Him in the context of the local church. I’ve had the benefit of being involved in several different denominations throughout my life and have been mentored along the way by a diverse group of men and women. I have worked as Youth Pastor and Worship Director in churches in Lakewood, CO, San Diego, CA, and Coshocton, OH. I have also served as Pastor of Student Ministries at churches in Auburn, WA and Manchester, CT. For the last 12 years I’ve been ministering in the Evangelical Covenant Church and have found my denominational home.

I am passionate about communicating God's word in a fresh and engaging manner. I long to see people transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I love my wife of 24 years and my four children. I love music, reading and watching movies. I am also passionate about global and local missions where the love of God is shared in word and in deed. I love visiting other cultures and countries. Above all, I desire is to share God’s love with everyone, that we all might know and rely on the love God has for us in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rosalie Whitcomb - Pastor of Administration

I work with the Connection Team at HCC and I’m also a part of the worship team and creative team. I am married to my amazing husband John and he has two wonderful young adult children, Janais and Chris with whom I love dearly. I hail from a large family of dedicated ministers and church leaders and I too have a heart for the Kingdom and God’s people. I’ve worked in ministry for over 20 years in various capacities and I’m excited to be a part of Hartford City Church. In my free time I have a passion for creating. My family calls me the DIY Queen. I’m a Graphic Designer by degree and also a Freelance Designer. I love traveling with my husband, trying new adventurous things and hanging out with my family!

Ministry Staff

John and Jasmine Prescod - Ministers to Youth

Jasmine was born and raised in a Christian family right in the heart of the Bronx. She professed her faith in Jesus and was baptized at a very early age. As she grew up, she had many experiences that both challenged and strengthened her faith. After working in the NY Public School system, she realized her calling into the field of youth ministry. Spending some years there, she felt God calling her to a land far, far away…..Connecticut. Living a few years in Hartford, she knew this was the city God called her to. She later met her husband John Prescod who also had a passion for Young people.

John was born in Hartford to teenage parents. At the age of 6 he was adopted by the Prescod family and moved to East Hartford. John spent his youth as an acolyte and alter boy in church, but as a teenager dealt with several very challenging situations and eventually found himself questioning his faith. This lead John into a long period of soul searching and exploring other religions/faiths. Eventually he was invited by a friend to see a sermon at her Christian church. It was at that sermon that he once again heard God’s call, returned to his faith, was baptized and gave his life to Christ. At an early age John felt the call to serve youth and has done so for over 20 years as a Director of Positive Youth Development programs, Football Coach and mentor to countless youth in Hartford. John attributes his understanding of the value of service to his mom, who was a nurse for over 35 years and in retirement is even more actively involved in her church.

John and Jasmine have 2 wonderful children Jazzlyn Belle (2) and Jadiel “JD” Prescod (1) who fill their lives with Joy and laughter. In addition to doing the Lord’s work, The Prescod family also enjoys (kayaking), fishing, cheering for the Denver Broncos finding new places to eat and having a good time with the youth.

Ministry Team Leaders

Jennifer Beatty, Children's Ministry and Feast Team

I am the team leader for both the Children's ministries and what we call the Feast team here at Hartford City Church. I also enjoy singing on the worship team, and contributing to the creative side of the services. My background in Theater, from Colorado Christian University has helped me in all these things, as well as 25 years of working alongside my husband Phil in many different church families.

I love all things 'dramatic'-acting, directing, editing, staging; but the most drama in my life has come from my four amazing kids, David, Skyler, Tristan, and Scarlett. We live in Manchester, CT with three lovable cats and way too many video games. I also love the beach, reading, shoes and British television.

My prayer for Hartford City Church is the same one I have for my own children: that each of us find God personally as He reaches out to us through each joy and each struggle; an ever-deepening love that heals, strengthens, and brings life.

Brian Clark - Discipleship

Brian Clark cares about building up the church through teaching, through prayer, and through song.He has been trained as a historian of Christianity who specializes in early Evangelicalism and modern World Christianity. He has attended and learned from churches of many nominations and styles.

A former stay-at-home dad, Brian now teaches Church History at Hartford Seminary, where he is also responsible for managing technology and helping professors learn how to teach more effectively online. He grew up singing in church and writing songs, so he is very glad to sing with our worship team.

Brian has been married for 24 years to his lovely wife, Amy. They live together with their teen twins and a reclusive cat.

Donna Olander - Communication

Donna Olander serves as the Communications Team Leader at Hartford City Church - a role that fits her love for connecting people, social media, art, photography and graphic design. She jumped right onto the church planting team in its very early stages. HCC is exactly where she feels God has called her to worship and serve. She’s proud of her 100% Swedish heritage and grew up in the Covenant Church from day one of life - as did her parents. In addition to Communications, she's part of the Feast Team that prepares and serves lunch every Sunday following the service. Hospitality and cooking are her favorite hobbies and she loves cooking alongside her husband Phil. They love hosting dinners and events at their home in Manchester for friends, strangers, their three daughters and their growing families. She also enjoys thrifty interior design, tag sales on Saturday mornings (with her honey) and poking around in antique shops. She’d like to know if you’re following Hartford City Church on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and if not, why not now?

Alissa Watson - Worship

I am the volunteer Worship Coordinator at HCC and I find joy connecting with God through singing and leading worship. I also enjoy my career as a Registered Nurse at a pediatric office. I am a part-time graduate student in the Simmons College Family Nurse Practitioner Program to earn my Master's degree in Nursing. I serve the Lord through both leading worship and through my call to the nursing field to promote spiritual, emotional, and physical healing for families. I am an avid explorer of coffee shops, and enjoy sipping chai-tea while reading science books. I also enjoy running and spending family vacations on the beach in Maine. I am honored to be a part of this church plant and look forward to the amazing things God has in store for