Donna Olander - Communication

Donna Olander serves as the Communications Team Leader at Hartford City Church - a role that fits her love for connecting people, social media, art, photography and graphic design. She jumped right onto the church planting team in its very early stages. HCC is exactly where she feels God has called her to worship and serve. She’s proud of her 100% Swedish heritage and grew up in the Covenant Church from day one of life - as did her parents. In addition to Communications, she's part of the Feast Team that prepares and serves lunch every Sunday following the service. Hospitality and cooking are her favorite hobbies and she loves cooking alongside her husband Phil. They love hosting dinners and events at their home in Manchester for friends, strangers, their three daughters and their growing families. She also enjoys thrifty interior design, tag sales on Saturday mornings (with her honey) and poking around in antique shops. She’d like to know if you’re following Hartford City Church on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and if not, why not now?

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