Jennifer Beatty - Children's Ministry and Feast Team

I am the team leader for both the Children's ministries and what we call the Feast team here at Hartford City Church. I also enjoy singing on the worship team, and contributing to the creative side of the services. My background in Theater, from Colorado Christian University has helped me in all these things, as well as 25 years of working alongside my husband Phil in many different church families.

I love all things 'dramatic'-acting, directing, editing, staging; but the most drama in my life has come from my four amazing kids, David, Skyler, Tristan, and Scarlett. We live in Manchester, CT with three lovable cats and way too many video games. I also love the beach, reading, shoes and British television.

My prayer for Hartford City Church is the same one I have for my own children: that each of us find God personally as He reaches out to us through each joy and each struggle; an ever-deepening love that heals, strengthens, and brings life.

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