1. Life groups help accelerate your growth spiritually.
  2. Life groups provide a less intimidating environment for sharing or asking questions.
  3. Life groups can provide a sense of family for many.
  4. Life groups provide the atmosphere where you can better care for the needs of others.
  5. Life groups provide deeper friendships.
  6. Life groups encourage better learning.
  7. Members pray for one another


What does a life group look like? A life group usually consist of 5 to 12 people who meet regularly in someone’s home or other locations the group chooses.

What happens during a life group meeting? Groups meet for bible study, pray for one another, care for one another and do ministry together.

How will I fit into a life group when my schedule is already tight? The unique thing about life groups is that it seeks to help provide opportunity for ministry to those that feel disenfranchised because of work schedules, family demands, etc.

Where do the groups meet?. Life groups have the ability to meet by phone conference, at individual’s homes, community events, Starbucks, Panera Bread, etc. – Anywhere the people in the group deem the most convenient.

For more information about Hartford City Church’s Life Groups contact HCC’s administrative office at 860-612-8419 or email