Thank you!

To everyone who donated, handed out flyers, distributed items or helped in any way during
Share The Warmth 2018...
You are more than appreciated!

When you’re shopping this week - don’t forget to pick up some school supplies for the kids at the children’s home in Honduras!!! See Tia Jen for more details!

The Vision, Mission and Values of HCC!

Church family, please join me for a Back to Basics podcast this fall and also for new content for December! The link to the Back to Basics Ep. 1: Practice the Presence of God podcast is here as well as other podcasts.
Instead of doing a traditional class at a certain time and place each week, this series will be a Christian education and formation class that you can participate in from anywhere! But do participate because it will connect us as HCC family!
Also, please stay connected to HCC when you aren’t at church on Sunday by listening to past sermons on the same site, podbean. May God bring visible transformation to our lives as we get Back to the Basics!

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  • Address:

    Hartford City Church
    The Learning Corridor
    15 Vernon Street
    Hartford CT 06106
    (860) 612-8419
    Church Services:
    Sunday 10:30 AM


When you are close enough to the Learning Corridor follow the church parking signs. After parking walk over to the Academy of the Arts building where the service is.


Parking can be found on Vernon St. Look for the Church Parking signs. You can park in the bus lane in front of the school or along the North Side of Vernon St as available. There is also a parking lot for the school off of Vernon St that can be used for Sunday morning church parking. If another event is going on at the Learning Corridor and parking is full, the parking garage off of Brownel Street will be open.